North Florida Hose Testing Services currently DBA SAFETY FIRST is a State of Florida Limited Liability Company, proudly serving North Florida. Fire equipment is our specialty, and our unparalleled service, competitive prices, and overall value are the reasons why our customers keep returning. We look forward to your patronage.
Fire fighters battle a blaze with approved Florida fire equipment
  • SAFETY FIRST provides services in fire hose, fire hose nozzle, Aerial/ground ladder and apparatus pump testing. These tools are the primary devices that fire and rescue department use for car accidents, infrastructure fires, structural failures and other types of destructions.
  • North Florida Hose Testing Services is a fire hose testing business newly formed in 2006. The business was started because hose testing, although required by National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), has become ever more difficult to accomplish. Hose testing by most small fire departments, whether it be paid or volunteer, is a labor intensive and time-consuming requirement with little education or training achieved.
  • Our mission is to provide those departments with the proper testing of this equipment so that the reliability of fire hose and nozzles will be increased when they are used at an incident. In addition to our hose testing, we will also offer service testing of Ground Ladder’s and Apparatus Pumps.
  • Our testing equipment meets NFPA standards for safe and effective fire hose testing, as well as testing of ladders and apparatus pumps. Our software package will provide complete and accurate documentation. The image and quality of our services has been instrumental in the growth of our business. The increased demand has challenged us to look at new ways to provide our quality services. North Florida Hose Testing looks forward to an opportunity to service your Departments needs.
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Florida fire equipment tests | Ladder test
Florida fire equipment tests | Fire hose test
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Florida fire equipment tests | Pump test

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